Estate & Probate Disputes

Estate and probate issues are especially difficult because they arise during a time that is already fraught with emotion.  In addition to mourning the loss of a loved one, disputing parties must also endure the emotionally trying process of settling questions about the departed’s estate.

There is a way to bring estate and probate disputes within a family or with the state to a peaceful conclusion.  Mediation offers a process by which parties can discuss the issues at hand and determine a satisfactory resolution for all involved.  The goal is to honor the wishes of the deceased and mediation makes it possible to bring everyone into a controlled environment to discuss their interpretation of these issues

In addition to helping people cope with the emotional aspects of estate and probation disputes, mediation offers a number of other benefits.  It is more cost effective than litigation and is a private experience, whereas court proceedings are public.  Most disputes are settled within hours, as opposed to the weeks and months it takes to drag an issue through court.  Additionally, mediation makes it possible to preserve familial relationships.  When disputes arise between heirs, it can be especially difficult to maintain trust following litigation.  Mediation focuses on teamwork and making everyone satisfied in the end.  It also puts complete control of the outcome into the hands of those most affected.

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