Divorce and Family Disputes

Mediation is an ideal tool for settling divorce and family disputes because the process allows emotional aspects of a dispute to be addressed.  When disputes are settled in court, it turns family members into enemies.  There are cases in which divorce or custody matters begin amicably, but spiral out of control during the discovery process and time in court.  In Utah divorce and family mediation, everyone works together to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

Family and divorce mediation offer a variety of benefits.  The process is less expensive than litigation, so there is no need to worry about mounting legal bills during an already difficult time in life.  Mediation is flexible and allows all parties to have a say in when and where the process will take place.  It also leaves the disputing parties in control of the outcome.  The third-party neutral mediator is there to facilitate conversation and keep the process moving forward, but he or she does not dictate the final outcome of the matter.  Those most affected by the situation are the ones making decisions and determining whether or not a resolution is appropriate.

Finally, family and divorce mediation provide a base from which families can work in the future to resolve their differences.  This is especially beneficial to divorcing couples with children.

If you are involved in a family dispute in Utah or you are contemplating divorce and would like to speak to someone about the best way to resolve it, James Cannon can help.  Contact him at 801.514.6983 or by email at jecannon41@hotmail.com