Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are common in the business world.  Unfortunately, they destroy many mutually beneficial relationships.  Parties are unable to come to terms concerning an issue without taking the matter into a Utah court and what was once a profitable and productive relationship is broken and no longer a benefit to anyone involved.

It is possible to resolve contract disputes without litigation.  Mediation offers protection to those in search of a resolution without the animosity of a trial.  It saves time and money, and it opens the door for creative solutions that would not be possible through litigation.

In mediation, a third-party neutral mediator works both separately and together with the disputing parties.  Typically, the mediator already has an understanding of the industry and must work to understand the positions of each side in the dispute.  This enables him or her to meet both the practical and emotional needs of everyone involved, something that is important for reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement.

Ultimately, disputing parties are in control of the outcome of the dispute.  If a solution cannot be found that appeals to both sides, they are free to pursue arbitration or litigation.  Discussions that occur during mediation cannot be used against either party should further efforts be necessary to settle a dispute.  This freedom and flexibility make it possible for those involved to make every attempt possible to reach a resolution.

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